Morten Thomassen reports today on AUSTRALIA who ended in 16th place at the 2022 Eurovision song contest. ESC Covers google translated it from Norwegian to English.

Now we’re going to a song that got pretty good support from the people in the semi-final, but was almost let down in the final.

You would think that when you finished in 2nd place in your semi-final you should be able to finish in the top half of the results list in the final.

Australian Sheldon Riley didn’t get to experience that, because when it came to voting in the final, only the people of Azerbaijan thought that this song deserved two poor points.

The rest of the points were therefore collected by the juries, and then you end up quite far down the list.

No one will take away Sheldon’s ability to impress us vocally on the song “Not The Same”.

Mostly it sounded impressive, but you could also feel he lost a bit of breath towards the end so that it might not be as impressive as the rest of the song.

In any case, this impressed the juries and if they were impressed that the dignified costume and mask is also possible.

That particular one, I think, probably didn’t impress the people as much, maybe they also thought that the entire performance became over dramatic at times.

One could say that another masked country won the votes of those who liked masked singers.

Our Australian friends with their short ESC history made it back to the finals after last year’s “fade”, however they are struggling a bit to get as good results as in the first years, maybe go back to just choosing an artist instead of having national final?

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