Morten Thomassen has just written on the song that ended in 13th place at the 2022 Eurovision song contest – HOPE from Estonia. ESC Covers google translated it from Norwegian to English.

Good old-fashioned gender trivia has proven to work well in our beloved competition.

And it doesn’t hurt that it comes from countries you might not associate with cowboy business, as in this year’s case.

Estonian Stefan turned up the charm button to full and had almost too much focus on the audience.

He occasionally came out of the song and was more concerned with the audience in the hall than those sitting at home.

But, he sang well and sometimes you get very far with a charming appearance, you can see.

Because really, little happened on stage if you disregard intense charm on the part of the artist.

It was perhaps the use of the one who was his hope to do it tolerably well.

He got twice as many points from the viewers as from the jury, so the tall gentlemen and ladies in the juries were a bit seduced then too.

It’s a little strange, though, that in the semi-final it was the jury who were the most generous, isn’t beauty a Saturday thing?

Our Estonian friends are not too good at qualifying for the final, about 50% of the time it goes their way.

One can hope they will find a better finals formula in the years to come.

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