Morten Thomassen has reached now position 12 of the 2022 Eurovision contest songs. It is POLAND. ESC Covers once again  google translated it from Norwegian to English.

Next we’re going to the song that brought the most weather to the stage and it rained just so many votes on Polish Ochman that he came in 12th place.

We got to experience the intensity of the song in the performance with a lot of use of various technical tricks on the TV route that many people could probably find to like.

One might wonder what the four rag-clad dancers actually did for themselves, they possibly created a little more life than our Polish friend could have managed alone.

Vocally, this was impeccable and if one draws on something, it must be a slightly dark stage and that the artist possibly overplayed his “heavy moments” on stage a bit.

In any case, the song “River” was a song with a strength that got the audience on board, it received more than twice as many votes from them as from the jury.

Our Polish friends were the one of the 6 countries caught in jury-voting cheating that made it to the top of the list.

It’s a bit strange that they stayed on this if the cheating was “real” all the time they seemed to be able to get to the final quite easily.

It could be the fact that the three previous participations ended without a place in the final as a reward that made them so desperate.

Or the fact that they have finished as number 11 in their semi-final three times, in any case I hope they realize the mistake they have made and come next year with a good song and a jury that doesn’t cheat.

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