Morten Thomassen discussed today the 10th position in the 2022 Eurovision song contest, which is Norway, his home country. ESC Covers google translated it from Norwegian to English.

Already long before the ESC was held, most of us agreed that Norway should have a good chance of returning to the top 10 club in the ESC.

And the pre-reactions, as well as the reaction they received at tests and in the semi-finals made me think that this could be a strong position.

So perhaps all of this taken together meant that a 10th place was a bit disappointing, but for all intents and purposes, we were among the 25% best songs in terms of results.

As expected, the juries did not quite take our message from these two wolves who claim that they usually live on the moon.

I don’t think it was negative feelings towards extraterrestrial creatures that made the jury lukewarm, until they probably thought the whole wolf and banana scheme was worth eating.

Fortunately, we had the public to save us, a total of 32 countries gave us points here, but many of them were on the lower part of the points scale, so we were unable to climb higher than 10th place in the end.

There was little to say about the performance itself, great vocals, steady dancing and the madness that we could expect from our friends in Subwoolfer.

If one has to point to something, it must be that the use of masks on those who performed possibly caused the energy in the performance to be dampened a little and it also means that the contact between artist and audience is never achieved.

It is also very possible that such gimmick songs do not always hit well and many who might have liked the song do not vote because they feel the packaging of the song destroys it.

Well, people like that should probably get a banana, but now we’ve had two contributions in a row where the costumes of the artists have played a big role in the performance.

Historically, we are pretty good at qualifying, but next year maybe have the artist wearing a “normal” costume and, above all, have a professional jury in the Norwegian final so that the song we send has received the seal of approval from both types of jury -groups before we send it off to a city in the UK.

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