AUSTRIA is up next to do their first rehearsal and their song is quite a fan favourite.

Austria’s Teya & Salena have brought a track that appears to be about being possessed by the ghost of American lyricist and poet Edgar Allan Poe, because obviously that’s totally normal for Eurovision.

But Who The Hell is Edgar is also about the pitiful payments made to artists by music streaming services, and Teya and Salena’s experience as songwriters – we haven’t been this meta at Eurovision since Alexander Rybak sang That’s How You Write A Song.

Eurovision.tv reports the Austrian entry  has got a message, it’s got a thumping bassline, it’s got HUGE vocals, it’s got an insanely polished dance routine that everybody needs to learn immediately, and it’s got the line Oh mio padre, there’s a ghost in my body sung like it’s the Vienna Boys’ Choir

This is such a fun performance, and we challenge you not to be up and dancing to this next Thursday, and every day thereafter for the rest of time. All together now POE POE POE POE-POE POE POE POE POE-POE.

Stephan Herholdt designed the promo CD single of Austria for ESC Covers and here it is.

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