Samra returns with ‘Queen’ single

Samra is back with a brand new song entitled Queen. The track is stylish and upbeat and radio friendly. Queen is composed by  Erik Dahlqvist, Dino Medanhodzic and Johanna Jansson.  The mix and mastering is by Dino Medanhodzic and the project producer is Ilaha Baxshiyeva. The graphic design and motion is thanks to Amal Alili […]

Samra releases brand new single and video clip for her song ‘Armas’

Samra has returned with a brand new song entitled Armas. It has an r’n’b sexy vibe with a strong production. Armas is actually the name of Samra in reverse. In Spanish the word ‘Armas’ means weapon. The name ‘Armas’ means to dominate, be the first, the leader and the strongest. Armas is composed by Clavis and […]

Samra releases new upbeat dance song ‘Pidzhak’

Samra is back with a top dance track and hot new video clip for her song Pidzhak (Jacket). It is upbeat and has a strong production. Perfect for the dancefloors. Samra shows her great style and sexy charisma in the music video. Pidzhak is composed by Pavel Le Metc and Sudakov Vladislav Borisovich. Samra represented Azerbaijan […]

Samra returns to play some ‘Badminton’

Samra is back with her brand new song entitled Badminton. It has a cool electronic rhythm and sexy r’n’b vibe and is good for the dancefloors. The words and music are by Boqdan and is produced by Ilaha (Ilhama) Bakhshiyeva. The arrangement is by Xalis Xan. The official video for Badminton includes some great dancing revolving around the […]

Euro stars perform at Zhara Fest in Azerbaijan

For the first time there is a new festival in Baku, Azerbaijan featuring many Russian and Azeri singers including many acts from Eurovision. It was a two day event held at the Sea Breeze recreation centre. The organisers of the event were international recording artists from Azerbaijan, Emin (he performed during the interval at the […]


Song 5: AZERBAIJAN (17th in the grand final : 117 points) Artist: Samra Song: Miracle Music and Lyric: Amir Aly, Jakob “Jakke” Erixson, Henrik Wilkström

Samra concludes her promo tour with visit to Serbia

Samra will soon take to the stage to represent Azerbaijan at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest with her song Miracle. She has taken in Russia, Israel, Malta and Greece. The final destination for Samra was a visit to Belgrade in Serbia, where she meet up with the 2007 winner of Eurovision, Marija Šerifović – Molitva and she also […]

Azerbaijan: Samra releases remixes of ‘Miracle’ …including a mix by Tomas N’evergreen

Samra will represent Azerbaijan at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest with the anthemic Miracle. Two remixes have just been released including a mix by Tomas N’evergreen (2010 ESC Denmark – In  A Moment Like This with Chanée). You can hear the Miracle remix by Tomas N’evergreen and Graddus below – You can hear the Miracle […]

Samra releases ‘Miracle’ video

Samra will represent Azerbaijan at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest with her song Miracle. It is composed by Jakke “T.I Jakke” Erixson, Amir Aly and Henrik Wikström. The song is powerful and anthemic with a strong chorus. You can see the official video below. Source: