‘Yll i rralle’ is the new song by Juliana Pasha

Juliana Pasha has released a new song for the summer of 2019. It is called Yll i rralle (Rare star). The song has a positive vibe with a strong production. Yll i rralle is composed by Valter Beqo and Armand Trebicka. The music video for Yll i rralle is beautifully filmed at Bougainville Bay Resort in Saranda, Albania. Juliana […]

Albania: ‘Në më je!’ is the new single by Juliana Pasha

Juliana Pasha has released a new song and video clip. The song is entitled Në më je! (Not me!) and Juliana has made a colourful and charming video to accompany the hot and summery upbeat track. Në më je! is produced by Adi Hila and the video is produced by Pro Video Albania. Juliana represented Albania […]

Aurela Gaçe wins the 2015 Kënga Magjike festival in Albania…and Juliana Pasha takes third place

Aurela Gaçe represented Albania at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest with her song Feel The Passion. She was one of the most accomplished and successful singers in Albania and the Balkans. Aurela has just won the 2015 Kënga Magjike competition. It is one of the most important music festivals in Albania. The song Akomo Jo was composed […]