Because ESC Covers like this duo from the Moldovan selection, we are publishing this interview from ESCKAZ.

Marks & Stefanet – Join Us in the Rain

– Tell us about your contest entry: What is its main message? Whether it was written especially for the preselection? Have you considered any other options?
– Our song was written especially for the contest by “Mister Eurovision” Ralph Siegel. The main and the only message of the song is that only together we can get the power to change our world, to make it clearer, fairer and more beautiful. Allegorically, it sounds like this – in order to live under “the sun” “tomorrow”, “today” we need to join hands together and not to be afraid to step out into the rain. Do not be afraid to say “no”!

– Introduce your creative team working on a song and stage performance? Was anyone of it already connected with Eurovision in the past?
– I, Andrei Stefanet, am a professional musician, I have participated in many international competitions (successfully)) and for several years have participated in the Eurovision Song Contest as a backing vocalist. My partner Mariana Marks is a professional singer, she was born in Ukraine, but for 15 years lives in Germany. Now she is busy working on a new musical “Zeppelin”, in May, it premiers in Berlin. Songs by Ralph Siegel participated in the “Eurovision” 24 times. Many of them have become global hits: for example “Dschinghis Khan” and “Moskau”, which were widely known even in the Soviet Union.

– Tell us more about your stage presentation plans: what do you want to focus the audience’s attention on?
– I think that song presentation should look balanced, so that the visual range do not dominate and do not distract from the substance. Our duo, this is not a dialogue between two lovers, it is a kind of protest, a call to action. We want the audience not only to listen, but to hear! That is why the outfits and the animation in the background – it’s just a seasoning to the product. It is important not to overdo, not to add too much sugar or salt. As M. Gorky said: – Culture is a sense of proportion))

– Why do you think your entry is worthy to represent Moldova at the Eurovision Song Contest? and can you guarantee a certain minimal result at the international competition in case of your victory?
– Today, we live in such an information space in which to surprise someone for 3 Eurovision minutes with folklore gimmicks, dresses to the floor, fire, drums and acrobatic flic- flacs is not even something impossible, but fundamentally naive and ignorant)). Today in fashion are “separate meals”)). Therefore, such a musical “seething” affects directly the viewer vestibular system and therefore creates confusion and discord directly in the stomach)). For a circus one needs to go to the circus, for folklore there are own places as well. Lovers of the colors can easily buy the kaleidoscope. Unfortunately, such phenomena as “Lordi” and “Conchita” just do not have a chance to pass through a sieve Eastern European (not Pavlovian) preselections. Well, of course I can guarantee for us, Moldova and Europe the victory and only the victory. The runner-up is actually the first loser))

Televised stage of the preselection will include one semifinal on 24 February and national final on 25 February. Out of 14 participants only 8 (4 chosen by jury and 4 chosen by televiewers) will qualify to the final.

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Moldova Eurovision 2017 “Marks & Stefanet” Join Us In The Rain (Vino cu noi în ploaie) Mary…

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