We have reached place 31 in the songs  of the 2022 Eurovision song contest. Once again ESC Covers google translated it to English from the original Norwegian by Morten Thomassen .

Constructing a group to participate in ESC is certainly nothing new, Bucks Fizz is probably the best example of how it can go well.

But, times have changed, nowadays there are greater requirements for having chemistry on stage in the TV box.

And we are not talking about rehearsed chemistry, it should appear as real and it was probably the first trap our Danish friends went this year.

Trap number two was probably that they appeared to be colorful, but still a pale copy of last year’s winners Måneskin.

In other words, the song “The Show” was not the show one could have hoped for, it was energetically confusing if you understand.

Possibly many did not quite understand why 2 songs should be mixed together in this way, maybe it became more confusing than cool.

On the plus side, it was great vocals and it was even nicer that the group Reddi sang something other than the usual ballad stuff they usually send.

They got almost twice as many points from the juries as they got from the people, but when the best score is 6 points, it is shocking in total.

Not surprisingly, our Danish friends thus became the only Nordic countries to be allowed to perform in the final, where they usually go.

But, the last two years they have not been there and I can not imagine that they want to take a triple on just that, however then the songs in the Danish final should be improved properly, there are a lot of tame things that have not a snowball’s chance in a pizza oven to do well in Europe.

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