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Tahmina Niyazova releases new video

Tahmina Niyazova {copyright: Top Media}
Tahmina Niyazova {copyright: Top Media}

Tahmina Niyazova is a top international singer from Tajikistan. She has won the Five Stars Intervision Song Contest and also placed fifth at the Suncane Skale contest in Montenegro with her song Boom Boom Boom, which a lot of Eurovision fans will love. She has also successfully participated in many other music festivals around the world.

Tahmina has recently released her brand new single and video called Tu Ei Tu. Again this is a song that would be a hit with many Eurovision fans. It is upbeat and has a slick and strong production. The song is composed by Manouchehr Akhmedov and Ozarahsh. The director is Timur Primkulov and the produced by Behrouz Zavareh.

Tahmina is passionate about entering the Eurovision Song Contest. Of course she would love to represent her home country but Tajikistan is not a full member of the European Broadcasting Union. So, she is looking to try and represent another country in the near future.

You can see the video for Tu Ei Tu below.

Source:; Top Media

New Rules to Shake Up Sweden


Since 2002 the Melodifestivalen, Christer Björkman has helped Sweden adopt its current format. There were six weeks of shows to chose their entry to the Eurovision Song Contest from 32 songs. There are four semi-finals of eight songs with a second chance round and a grand final.

There are many changes to the 2015 selection to keep things interesting and exciting. There will be only 28 songs competing for the ticket to Eurovision. In each of the four semi-finals there will be seven songs. The two highest scoring songs will go direct to the Finalen and the third and fourth placing songs will go to the second chance round, Andra Chansen. At least 30% of the competing songs need to be in the Swedish language and also a minimum of 50% of the songs need to have a female composer or lyrist.

The Andra Chansen has undergone the most changes this year. Björkman believes the changes will make the Andra Chansen a more exciting and dramatic show. For the first time, the second chance songs participating will be allowed to be released to the public after the end of each semi-final broadcast previously these weren’t released until after the fourth semi-final. Each second chance song will be paired into 4 duels with each winner getting a ticket to the Finalen. Only one Andra Chansen artist has succeeded in winning the Melodifestivalen Finalen, Robin Stjernberg in 2013, won with the song You. Previously there would be only two tickets for the Finalen from the Andra Chansen. So the Finalen will consist of 12 songs competing for the prize instead of 10.

Article prepared for www.esccovers by FRED MEDEIROS

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First Quarter Final in Hungary

The first phase of the Hungarian selection, A Dal, has taken place. 10 acts competed and five acts were selected by the expert jury and the sixth act was selected by the public via televoting.

The jury were Magdi Rúzsa (Hungary ESC 2007) , Philip Rákay, Jenő Csiszár  and Pierrot. There was also a “jury” vote for viewers via the A Dal app.

The 10 acts and songs competing in the first quarter final were –

  1. Bori MagyarLead Me To Heaven
  2. Balázs Farkas-JenserLiar 
  3. Gabi Szűcs – Úgysem felejtesz el 
  4. Passed – Mesmerize 
  5. Bogi Dallos – World Of Violence
  6. Karmapolis – The Time Is Now 
  7. Gergő SzakácsŐsz utca
  8. Timi Antal – Woke Up This Way 
  9. Vera Tóth – Gyémánt 
  10. MDC – Maniac

The jury elected to vote through Gabi Szűcs, Passed, Bogi Dallos, Karmapolis, Vera Tóth. The televoting vote went for Timi Antal.

Source:; MTVA

Timi Antal {copyright:}
Timi Antal {copyright:}

…now 7 acts remain in Lithuania

Eight acts performed last night in the next phase of the Lithuanian national selection. They all performed a possible Eurovision entry for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest.

Milita Daikeryte had to withdraw from the competition due to ill health. The voting was a combination of televoting, local jury and international jury.

The eight acts and songs were –

  • Edgaras Lubys – This Time
  • Liepa Mondeikaitė – Take My Love
  • Tadas JuodsnukisFactory Hearts 
  • Mia (Vilija Pilibaitytė) – The Right Way
  • Vaidas Baumila – Not Perfect
  • Monika Linkytė – Flying
  • Jurgis Brūzga – No More Tears
  • Neringa Šiaudikytė – Feel My Love

The act to be eliminated was Tadas Juodsnukis. The songs can be voted for online from Monday at the LRT website The song to be eliminated before last night’s show was Say You Love Me.

Source:; LRT;

Neringa Šiaudikytė {copyright: LRT}
Neringa Šiaudikytė {copyright: LRT}

6 songs make it to the final in Cyprus

The auditions shows are over and the Eurochallenge 2 has taken place in Cyprus. 10 acts competed and six have made it through to the final on 1 February.

The same judges as last week selected the songs to progress to the final. They were Elena Patroklou (Cyprus ESC 1991) , Alex Panayi (Cyprus ESC 1995, 2000), Despina Olympiou (Cyprus ESC 2013), Tasos Trifonos, Christer Björkman (Sweden ESC 1992) and Dimitris Kontopoulos (composer of some previous Eurovision songs).

Between each song a preview postcard was shown of the 10 acts working in a music project performing their favourite Eurovision songs.

The six songs to make it to the final are –

  • Charis Savva & Nearchos Evaggelou – Dila Den Agapo
  • Giannis Karagiannis – One Thing I Should Have Done
  • Hovig – Stone In A River
  • Minus One – Shine
  • Doody – Magic
  • Panagiotis Koufogiannis – Without Your Love

Who will make it to represent Cyprus at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest?

Source:; CyBC;


Lisa Angell to represent France at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest

Lisa Angell will represent France at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna with her song N’oubliez pasAn internal selection by the broadcaster, France 2, selected Lisa with what is described as a ballad.

The song was composed by Robert Goldman. The words of the song are about the First World War and how “we should not forget”.

Lisa has so far released three albums since 2011.

Have France picked wisely for Eurovision?


Lisa Angell {copyright:}
Lisa Angell {copyright:}


World Of Violence is the new single by Bogi

Bogi {copyright: Magneoton}
Bogi {copyright: Magneoton}

Bogi is a young and rising star in Hungary. She appeared in the 2013 and 2013 editions of the A Dal national selection with Tükörkép and We All respectively. We All took Bogi to the final four in 2014 and was also an entry at the Eurovision OGAE Second Chance competition in 2014.

Now Bogi returns with her brand new single World Of Violence. The song is composed by Péter Halász and  Zoltán G Tóth . The arrangement is by Arnold Vigh and mixed and mastered at Silverhill Studio. The single is available via iTunes here The song will also feature in the 2015 edition of the Hungarian Eurovision selection, A Dal.

You can see the video for World Of Violence below.

Source:; Magneoton;

Elen Mikiashvili performs in special concert in Georgia

Elen Mikiashvili {copyright: Rustavi 2}
Elen Mikiashvili {copyright: Rustavi 2}

Elen Mikiashvili recently submitted her song I’m Gonna Run to the national selection of Georgia for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. Unfortunately, she did not make it to the final five on this occasion but I am sure the rising star, Elen, will have success in the near future.

Elen has just performed at a special Teenclub New Year Event concert in Georgia at the Formula 51 club. There she sang her unique version of Crazy previously recorded by Gnarls Barkley. Nutsi from the Niutone Band (who performed Run Away in the recent Georgian Eurovision final) also sang. Also in attendance was Nina Sublati, the representative for Georgia at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest with Warrior. Nina is a vocal coach at the Teenclub studio. The concert was broadcast on the Rustavi 2 channel.

Elen has also recorded her own version of the Armenia 2014 Eurovision song, Not Alone, by Aram mp3. You can hear Elen’s song, I’m Gonna Run,  that she submitted for Eurovision below.


…and now 9 acts remain in Lithuania

Lithuania held the latest phase of their selection process for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. Tonight we heard the actual competing Eurovision songs. 11 acts performed and two acts faced elimination.

The 11 acts and songs were –

  1. Vaidas BaumilaThis Time
  2. Mia – Say You Love Me
  3. Reda StriškaitėEs tut mir nicht leid
  4. Edgaras Lubys – Not Perfect
  5. Neringa ŠiaudikytėSkęstu
  6. Liepa MondeikaitėFeel My Love
  7. Tadas JuodsnukisNo More Tears
  8. Milita Daikerytė Dangerous
  9. Monika LinkytėThe Right Way
  10. Jurgis BrūzgaTake My Love
  11. Wilma LaFactory Hearts

The voting was a combination of local and invited international judges. It was decided that Wilma La and Reda Striškaitė would be going home and out of the competition.

Fans from anywhere can vote online from Monday until the next show on 24 January. For more details go to the official LRT website here

Source:;; LRT

Monika Linkytė {copyright: Delivaro Kaleininko/}
Monika Linkytė {copyright: Delivaro Kaleininko/}

Unique version of To The Sky released by Tijana & Rinel Day



Tijane Dapčević & Rinel Day {copyright: Day Full/Facebook/MPM}
Tijane Dapčević & Rinel Day {copyright: Day Full/Facebook/MPM}

Tijana Dapčević performed To The Sky for FYR Macedonia at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen. Now comes a unique duet version with Rinel Day from South Africa. There is a full English version which will be released and sent to the radio stations in South Africa.

There is also a rare three language version where Rinel sings in Afrikaans and Tijana sings her part in Macedonian. Together they sing in English. The English language version will be available through digital platforms such as iTunes.

Rinel Day is a popular recording artist in South Africa and has released top singles and albums there. You can see Rinel’s most recent hit, Ligjare Weg, which should appeal to Eurovision fans, below.