For the entire month of February, ESC Covers will take every day a South African artist/group/duo on a virtual tour to Europe. We will visit 28 countries.

Day 28 and it is our last day of our virtual tour. We end it in RUSSIA. This country won the Eurovision song contest in 2008 with Dima Bilan and held a spectacular Eurovision in Moscow in 2009.

The artist who will be “touring” there, is RIAN SWANEPOEL.

Rian covered the 2016 RUSSIAN Eurovision entry YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE of Sergey Lazarev in English. He has since also covered Sergey’s 2019 entry SCREAM. This he has done in Afrikaans but a Youtube video is not yet done.

Hopefully Rian and Sergey won’t be screaming at each other, rather singing  together.


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