In a task at OGAE REST OF THE WORLD FAN CLUB, we could pick an artist or group from the 80’s and write about them from then to now. I have picked Peter Sue & Marc.

Sue Schell was born in New York and moved to Bern when she was eight years old. She met Marc Dietrich in 1968, and with Marc’s friend Peter Reber, they formed the trio that would represent Switzerland four times.

In 1971 they sang in French, gaining 12th place with Les Illusions De Nos Vingt Ans, but they did better 5 years later in 1976 coming fourth with Djambo Djambo which was sung in English. In 1979 they joined Pfuri, Gorps and Kniri, for the novelty, Trodler und Co, which finished 10th and was sung in German. Finally, Io Senza Te, sung in Italian, gave them another 4th place in 1981.

The trio were not all about Eurovision though and scored several hits during the seventies, including Cindy their biggest it in South Africa, Charlie Chaplin, Memory melody, Amazonas and Birds of Paradise, which is my top song of every song I know. Their biggest chart markets were Germany, Switzerland, Japan, and South Africa. They have probably around 10 albums.

After the group broke up, SUE had several solo singles, most in English. I personally have 4 such singles. There is HERE THERE AND EVERYWHERE, a cover of the Beatles song, MARIONETTE, SIMPLY THINGS and DON’T PLAY THAT SONG AGAIN. Nicki French several years later represented the UK with a song with the same title.

PETER REBER also took part in Eurovision as a composer on his own and conductor. Two entries come to mind, SWISS LADY for Pepe Lienhard band in 1977 and CINEMA for Paola in 1980.

When the group split in 1981, they left the song Bye Bye Friends as a parting gift, but they have reunited at times over the years for one off concert appearances.

The fans have been waiting for this for a long time: 35 years after the separation of Peter, Sue & Marc, the legendary successful trio is back on stage. In the SRF Saturday evening show “Hello Again!” Peter Reber (66), Sue Schell (66) and Marc Dietrich (67) will play a medley of their greatest hits on April 30th.

“I advise the audience to have their tissues ready. “It will be an emotional performance with a lot of nostalgia,” says composer Peter Reber. And singer Marc “Cuco” Dietrich adds: “Some people kissed their partner for the first time to our music, and now they have spent their lives together. Hearing our songs again now obviously brings back beautiful memories.”

A musical was also done about them, and their music and I will always regret not being able to see this show.

Although they have not done anything new for many years, they are still part of my life almost daily as 20 of their songs are in my top 200 of all time, the most of any group and I play these songs regularly.




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