Via Gra release new song ‘Rodnikovaya voda’ …now with former Ukraine JESC singer

Via Gra are a very successful and longstanding girl group from Ukraine. They have just released their latest song Rodnikovaya voda (Spring water). The group now includes a former 2013 Junior Eurovision participant.

Via Gra means VIA – vocal-instrumental ensemble and GRA meaning game or play. The original band started having hits since 2000. They have evolved over the years and the group now includes Sofia Tarasova, who represented Ukraine at the 2013 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with We Are One. The other current members are Ulyana Sinetskaya and Ksenia Popova.

The new single, Rodnikovaya voda, is composed by Konstantin Meladze. It is available to stream or buy from digital stores such as Apple Music, Boom, iTunes, VK and many more.

You can hear Rodnikovaya voda below. Also, we include a reminder of Sofia and her 2013 JESC song.

Source: ESC Covers


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