Norbert of ESC Dublin to Amsterdam noticed that TATTOO by LOREEN has just reached the number 1 position in the Netherlands charts. He then looked at the top 10 Eurovision songs in the Dutch charts of all time.

Loreen reaches number 1 position in Dutch Top 40 with TATTOO.
It is only the first time that the singer tops the Dutch hit parade, because Euphoria stuck in second place at the time. However, her victory in 2012 is the biggest Eurovision hit ever in the Netherlands.
Top 10 biggest Eurovision hits in the Netherlands: (position / number of weeks)
1. Sweden Loreen 2012 Euphoria (2/26)
2. Netherlands Duncan Laurence 2019 Arcade (1/24)
3. Armenia Rosa Linn 2022 Snap (2/26)
4. Netherlands S10 2022 De Diepte (1/17)
5. Luxembourg Vicky Leandros 1972 Apres toi (1/14)
6. United Kingdom Cliff Richard 1968 Congratulations (1/14)
7. Netherlands Anouk 2013 Birds (2/18)
8. Luxembourg France Gall 1965 Poupée de cire, poupée de son (5/15)
9. United Kingdom Sandie Shaw 1967 Puppet on a string (1/14)
10.Sweden ABBA 1974 Waterloo (2/14)
However, I find it incomprehensible that such a very mediocre song, like Euphoria, does so well in the charts. Apparently I still rate people too highly… And believe me, I really don’t have a high opinion of most people.

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