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Vanesa Sono wins Albanian Future Stars London competition

Vanesa Sono
Vanesa Sono

Vanesa Sono has won the Albanian Future Stars London competition taking the top diploma prize for her outstanding talent.

The founder of the Albanian Future Stars is Juliana Shalla.  The project is a showcase for the diaspora of young Albanian talent from Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Montenegro and throughout the world.

Vanesa is 18 years old and she is originally from Saranda in Albania. She has been living in the United Kingdom for the last three years. She has had success in several musical competitions including in Australia and USA. She has charming and powerful vocals. She took part in the International Festival of Language and Culture in Melbourne. Back in 2015 Vanesa won the Gjeniui i Vogel competition where along the way she gave an amazing performance of Suus by Rona Nishliu (2012 ESC Albania).

Vanesa recorded a video clip for the song Vaçe Zela (Waltz of happiness) in Saranda, Albania as part of a variety tv show. You can see the video below as well as several of Vanesa’s stage performances.

As part of prize for winning the Albanian Future Stars London competition, Vanesa will record a music video by the sponsors Daniel Dervishi Production, Korçe, Albania.

Vlera Kastrati from Kosovo won the second prize and Ina Salaj from Tirana, Albania took the third prize and they will record a cover via Daniel Dervishi Production.

Source: ESC Covers