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ManuElla releases her new single – ‘Salvation’

ManuElla - 'Salvation'
ManuElla – ‘Salvation’

ManuElla was a special guest at the 2017 EMA final in Slovenia and she launched her brand new single, Salvation, with a special performance. It is a catchy upbeat pop/rock song with a country flavour. The music for Salvation is by M. Brechko (ManuElla) and M. Hvala and the words are also by ManuElla. The arrangement is by M. Hvala.

Salvation is released on most digital platforms such as Spotify and iTunes.

ManuElla represented Slovenia at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Sweden with Blue And Red.

You can see ManuElla perform Salvation at the 2017 EMA show below.

Source: ESC Covers

Slovenia: ManuElla gives strong performance at second rehearsal

ManuElla {copyright: ESC Covers}
ManuElla {copyright: ESC Covers}

ManuElla gave an outstanding performance of Red And Blue at her second rehearsal for Slovenia in Stockholm today. She looked stunning in her white dress and she was accompanied by Jannik Baltzer Hattel, an acrobat from Denmark.

ManuElla said at her press conference she is influenced by the country rock sound and this is the style that will be on her forthcoming album. She is hoping her Eurovision show will give her new followers around the world including USA, who will broadcast the show this year.

Good luck to ManuElla and Slovenia



Slovenia: ManuElla releases official video for ‘Blue And Red’

ManuElla {copyright: RTVSLO}
ManuElla {copyright: RTVSLO}

ManuElla will sing Blue And Red in the second semi-final of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest representing Slovenia. Now she has released the official video for her song.

Blue And Red is composed by ManuElla herself and Marjan Hvala.

You can see ManuElla’s video below.

Source: www.eurovision.tv; www.esccovers.com

Interview: ManuElla (ESC 2016 Slovenia)

ManuElla {coyright: manuella.eu}
ManuElla {coyright: manuella.eu}

ManuElla will represent Slovenia at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest with her song Red And Blue. Here she talks to ESCCovers.com –
Hello ManuElla. Many congratulations on winning the EMA competition and therefore representing Slovenia at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden. Can you tell us how you felt when you realised you had won?

Hello. Thank you so very much. When I won Slovene national selection for ESC I was completely overwhelmed. So many emotions ran through me at that moment, it is even hard to describe it. I felt so much gratitude, joy and excitement and I can still feel it all!

‘Red And Blue’ is a feel good pop/country song. Is this a style of music you normally like to perform?

I like performing many different genres, but I feel pop/country is a style of music where I can show my emotions and passion for singing. I find myself in it and I think that’s very important for a singer and performer.

Will there be any other versions of ‘Red And Blue’ (for example a Slovenian version or remixes)?

So far there are no plans for a Slovenian version or any remixes, but we did record a newer version of ‘Blue And Red’ with small changes that you’ll all hear on the ESC.

Do you have any plans for a tour to other countries to promote your song?

We are still arranging the last few details about the promotional events. I think the first one is held in Amsterdam, so I hope to see you there!

Can we expect an album of your music soon?

Yes! I was working on my first album before EMA 2016, it is on hold for now of course, but after the ESC, I’m going back to the studio and to writing new songs.

Have you heard the other Eurovision entries this year? If so do you have any favourites at this time?

If I can be completely honest, I haven’t had a chance to listen to all of them yet. As soon as things calm down a little bit, I will. There are so many good artist every year, I am sure this year is no different.

Anway good luck ManuElla in Sweden.

You can see ManuElla perform Red And Blue below.

Source: www.esccovers.com

ManuElla performs acoustic version of ‘Blue And Red’

ManuElla {copyright: Radio 1 Slovenia}
ManuElla {copyright: Radio 1 Slovenia}

ManuElla will perform Blue And Red for Slovenia at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden in May after winning the EMA competition.  She has just performed an acoustic version of the song on Radio 1 Slovenia.

You can enjoy her acoustic version of Blue And Red in the video below.

Source: ManuElla/Facebook; www.esccovers.com

ManuElla to represent Slovenia at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest with ‘Blue And Red’

ManuElla {copyright: RTVSLO}
ManuElla {copyright: RTVSLO}

ManuElla has won the 2016 EMA national final and will represent Slovenia at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden with her upbeat pop country/rock song, Blue And Red. 10 acts competed and they were –

  1. Anja BašWhat If
  2. Žan SerčičSummer Story
  3. Anja Kotar – Too Cool
  4. San Di Ego BandBrez Tebe
  5. D BaseSpet Živ
  6. ReginaAlive In Every Way
  7. ManuEllaBlue And Red
  8. RaivenČrno Bel
  9. Nuša DerendaTip Top
  10. Sebastijan LukovnjakTales Of Tomorrow

ManuElla and Raiven went through to the super-final. This was decided by an expert jury and the final two were up for televoting where it was decided ManuElla will represent Slovenia with Blue And Red. You can see her perform her winning song below.

Source: www.eurovision.tv

Interview: ManuElla (2016 EMA finalist Slovenia)


ManuElla has made it to the final of the 2016 EMA Eurovision national selection for Slovenia to be held on 27 February. ManuElla talks to esccovers.com here –

1. Hello ManuElla. Congratulations on making it to the EMA 2016 final. How did it feel when you heard you had made it to the final?

Thank you for your kind words. When I heard for the results I was very happy, somehow fulfilled.

2. Are you able yet to tell us anything about your song? For example what style will it be, and what it is about?

Yes of course… I love pop-country music so the song is also written this way. The story is quite simple, “It’s all about love and the colours in it”…

3. You participated, and did very well, in the Slovenian Eurovision selection Misija Evrovizija? Can you tell us about your experience in that competition?

Misija Evrovizija gave me a lot of good memories, now these days for sure it’s easier for me to be more comfortable in front of TV cameras…

4. What have you been up to since Misija Evrovizija? Have you released any music?

I was participated at Slovenia’s greatest pop music festival “Slovenska popevka”, performing with a live orchestra, but after that I wasn’t able to continue my music career. I wanted to take care for my father who became seriously ill and, unfortunately, died recently.

5. Who are your musical influences?

I am open for all good music, but lately I prefer pop-country. I love Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, LeAnn Rimes, Reba McEntire and also a little of The Cranberries.

6. Have you participated in any music festivals either in Slovenia or abroad? If so can you tell us something about them?

As I mentioned before I was at “Slovenska popevka” in 2013 and recently I performed in Croatia at “RetrOpatijski festival”, among the greatest Croatian and Serbian artists, like Tereza Kesovija (1966 she represented Monaco and 1972 Yugoslavia at the Eurovision Song Contest), Novi Fosili (1987 they represented Yugoslavia at Eurovision) and others.

7. Do you watch the Eurovision Song Contest on tv, and do you have any favourite songs from over the years?

Yes of course, I’ve always been a big fan of ESC. When I was just a small girl I was standing in front of TV, had some sheets on me and I pretended I am there on the stage… (and I still do, ha ha ha). Songs that I remember specially are Fly On The Wings Of Love – Olsen Brothers (2001 ESC Denmark), Euphoria – Loreen (2012 ESC Sweden), Calm After The Storm – Common Linnets (2014 ESC The Netherlands), Take Me To Your Heaven – Charlotte Nilsson (1999 ESC Sweden), A Million Voices – Polina Gagarina (2015 ESC Russia) and many more.

Anyway, good luck ManuElla at the 2016 EMA. 

Thank you so much, I really appreciate your support!!!

Source: www.esccovers.com