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In the recent Olympic games in Tokyo, the 3 Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway and Sweden) performed well and won several gold medals. In a short series, we will celebrate their success in the form of Eurovision songs.


Jan Johansen uploads tracks from his ‘Fri’ album

In anticipation of a surprise from Jan Johansen tomorrow he has been uploading songs from his album ‘Fri’ originally released in 2017. This track highlighted here is called Sol vind och vatten (Sun, wind and water). It is a laid back and summer type track with a touch of country.

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JAN JOHANSEN (who represented Sweden at the 1995 Eurovision song contest) and JILL JOHNSON (who represented Sweden at the 1998 Eurovision song contest) teamed up to cover a song composed by Gilbert Becaud LET IT BE ME. Jan and Jill sing it in English. It is the 12 song in our project where we highlight Eurovision stars covering well-known NON EUROVISION songs.



It took almost 22 years but finally the CD single of the 1995 selecting song DET VACKRASTE by Cecilia Vennersten is in the ESC Covers collection. This song was a major hit and many fans thought it was better than the actual song SE PA MEJ by Jan Johansen. Both rank among the best songs ever to come from Sweden. This song in various covers are already in the collection

One more time- Living in a dream (English)

Frans Bauer – ‘n Lied voor iedereen (Dutch)

Dana Winner – I’ll sing a song today (English)

Dana Winner – Ik zing vandaag een lied (Flemish)

Dana Winner – Ein lied for diese welt (German)

And hopefully an Afrikaans cover can be added soon



Here is my favourites from 2002 until 2016

2002 – Jan Johansen,

2003 – Jan Johansen & Pernilla Wahlgren tied with Fame,

2004 – Shirley Clamp,

2005 – Shirley Clamp (again),

2006 – Evan,

2007 – Magnus Carlsson,

2008 – Charlotte Perrelli,

2009 – Malena Ernman,

2010 – Timoteij,

2011 – Jenny Silver,

2012 – nothing, I really did not like a single song

2013 – Martin Rolinski

2014 – Cajasastina Akerstrom

2015 – Måns Zelmerlöw

2016 – Samir & Viktor

‘All Because Of You’ – The new song by Rebecka K featuring Jan Johansen

Rebecka Karlsson {copyright: Facebook/Rebecka Karlsson}
Rebecka Karlsson {copyright: Facebook/Rebecka Karlsson}

Rebecka Karlsson is a young and very talented singer from Sweden. She has just released her brand new single which is a duet with Jan Johansen (1995 ESC Sweden – Se på mig). The song is entitled All Because Of You and it is an upbeat and happy song perfect for the summer.

Rebecka K has already released several songs in her homeland including Surrender (Malmö Pride 2015 Official Song) and she has covered several Eurovision songs such as A Million Voices by Polina Gagarina (2015 ESC Russia). She loves performing live either as a solo artist or with the rock’n’roll group, Cadillac Band.

Jan Johansen is an accomplished and well respected singer. He finished in third place in the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest with Se på mig and also appeared several times in the Melodifestivalen in Sweden including finishing second in 2003 with Let Your Spirit Fly (a duet with Pernilla Wahlgren).

Rebecka has lots of exciting plans for her music career and I am sure we will see a lot more from her in 2015 and beyond.

You can listen to All Because Of You on Spotify and it will be available on other digital platforms such as Amazon.

Source: ESC Covers