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Hadise returns with ‘Geliyorum Yanına’

Hadise from the music video of 'Geliyorum Yanına'
Hadise from the music video of ‘Geliyorum Yanına’

Hadise is back with a summer banger! The song is called Geliyorum Yanına (I’m coming to you). It is a real upbeat and feelgood track with a pulsating beat and production.

Geliyorum Yanına is composed by Gülşen.

It was in 2009 that Hadise represented Turkey at the Eurovision Song Contest with Dum Tek Tek.

You can see the video clip for Geliyorum Yanına below.

Source: ESC Covers

Listen to ‘Escalate’ – the summer hit by ONdray feat. Stella Rhymes

ONdray & Stella Rhymes {copyright: RAF Flores/Mista music}
ONdray & Stella Rhymes {copyright: RAF Flores/Mista music}

A big summer song coming out of Czech Republic and Slovakia and central Europe right now is Escalate by ONdray feat. Stella Rhymes. The executive producer is Stano Šimor, who is a producer and writer based in Czech Republic and Belgium, and has worked with Eurovision acts such as Hadise (Turkey 2009) and Tereza Kerndlová (Czech Republic 2008) and also Mista who finished in second place in the 2010 Slovakian Eurovision national selection and have had many hits in Europe and Asia. Production is by ONdray and SparkS.

ONdray is a top Czech and world DJ and also works on the popular Evropa 2 radio station. He has released so far three singles including one with German singer Tony T.

Now ONdray has teamed up with Australian singer Stella Rhymes for the hit song Escalate. Stella is a popular singer/songwriter and is working with producers from all over Europe, USA and Australasia right now. It was Stano’s business friend, Matt Chable, that organised the collaboration of ONdray and Stella.

The video for Escalate is definitely worth checking out below. Shooting took place in London, Ibiza and Sydney. The song can be purchased on digital platform http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1012805678 and streamed at https://open.spotify.com/album/1KP91oGEdSTc0ObkyRRBXU

Source: Mista Music; www.esccovers.com