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Hello everyone! Tamas, Ronny and Luc put forward a suggestion for a little bit of fun in the lead up to the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. This is a variation on what Tamás is undertaking within the Hungarian Eurovision club, with his guidance. What we are asking is not easy.  It will require determination, hard decisions and some cutthroat moves.  

What is Rest of the World’s favourite Eurovision song?!? 
How are we going to work on this over sooooooooo many years and fabulous entries??? Well, it is like this…
Three rounds.
Round 1:
Each voter has 20 nomination points.  A minimum of 5 of these must be prior to the year 2000, and no more than three nominations for a single year. For example, if you wanted to spend 15 votes on 2015’s Eurovision songs, you cannot. Only three are allowed for any given year.  Sounds difficult (and it certainly is!) but it only involves each person to select 20 songs (at least 5 prior to the year 2000).  This will form the foundation of the following rounds.
Round 2 will consist of the top 60 votes songs from round 1 allocated into pots and each person will be asked to select 2 songs from each pot.
The songs with the most points will form the selection for the final round.  This time, it is about allocating points to each song in the typical Eurovision style (12,10,8,7… Etc.).
We have decided to open the Round 1 voting period for 10 days.
All correspondence should be directed to escvotes@gmail.com !  Voting/nominations close at midnight 13 December Central European Time.
If you have any questions, post below (unless you just want to be mean – in which case email).
We will provide further information about the following rounds in future posts.
This is our first opportunity to earn points for the 2017 ticketing list. Those who participate will receive points for completing all three rounds in our search for our favourite song!
Cannot wait to see what our wonderfully eclectic fan club choose!