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Yes it is time for the 6th competition in our series of ten in the run-up to the 2016 Eurovision song contest. Because we are in Sweden and in Stockholm, most of the competitions will center around ABBA, the museum and other Swedish artists.

With the compliments of STERLING MUSIC, two copies can be won of the Afrikaans cover of the 1996 Swedish Eurovision entry, DEN VILDA originally sung by ONE MORE TIME – this trio featured Peter, the son of Benny of Abba and Peter’s wife Nanna and her sister. R O W will hand a copy of it to One more time in Stockholm but two lucky fans can each have a copy of it.

In Afrikaans it is called WIEGELIED (Lullaby).

The question for this is, if you have to sing a lullaby to a baby, which Eurovision song will you pick and why. Once again answers must be placed on this post as comments.

1-one more time