Six more acts to final of ‘Una Voce per San Marino’ from Second Chance round

San Marino continued their marathon Eurovision selection method with the second chance round of ‘Una Voce per San Marino’.

Six more acts qualified for the final tonight (25 February) –

  1. **Kida (San Marino) – Finalist
  2. **Simone (San Marino) – Finalist
  3. Edoardo Brogi (Italy) – Due punti sull’Equatore (Two points on the equator)
  4. MATE (Italy) – Prisma (Prism)
  5. Ronela (Albania) – Salvaje (Wild)
  6. Roy Paci (Italy) – Tromba (Trumpet)

**Kida and Simone performed in the Second Chance phase but automatically qualify for the final as the only Sammarinese artists in the selection.

Source: ESC Covers; eurovoix

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