In the last few years, they have become one of the worst countries to deal with. This year was no different and in fact I did not lay eyes on any P R people from Lithuania. It was especially difficult for me since their song is my top favourite for 2015. Bea records said she got some CD singles, so hopefully I can order one from there.
0 out of 10

Like Lithuania, it seems they simple have no promo material in the last years. Nobody seems to have even set eyes on anything, so probably there will be nothing, not even a postcard with the singer’s face on. Pity the song composed by the Swedish team did not win in the Irish selection because then we would have had something.
0 out of 10

With Ralph Siegel’s company behind the entry, like the previous 3 years with Valentina, it is the easiest entry for 2015 to get. This is how P R should be done and such a pity it seldom reflects in success, as often the journalists do not report on this kind of thing.
10 out of 10

The P R of this country has really become good in the last years and they have one of the best heads of delegation. Both 2014 and 2015 their P R was of the best. There was also a full CD of Knez for those collectors who prefer full CD’s to singles.
10 out of 10

Malta is another country who always rate high and Daniel, the head of press makes sure to interact with the various website reporters.
10 out of 10

It is quite difficult for me to really rate the Norwegian P R team because of my close relationship with Morten, president of OGAE Norway, I never have a problem with their promo material, but this year, having written to all 40 heads of press over the handing of the gift bags to the artists, Norway was first to respond.
10 out of 10

In the middle 2000’s one of the most difficult delegations to deal with but that have really improved and now are among the best.
9.5 out of 10

Having been absent from the contest for some years, I perceived this as one of the most difficult to get the promo CD, but surprisingly, it as fairly easy.
9 out of 10

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