Queen On Street rocks with ‘U Can Have It All’ debut single

Queen On Street has released her official debut single called U Can Have It All. It has an energetic and retro pop/rock feel with a lot of energy.

Queen On Street is Fiat, who is now 13 years old. She is from Phuket in Thailand. She performs almost every night on the streets back home and also other events. Her popularity is rising all the time with an ever increasing online following. Fiat did a fabulous cover of Unstoppable by Sia and the video has over 6.5 millions views.

U Can Have It All is composed by Johan Jämtberg, Katarina Åslund and Jenny Gunnarsson. The track is available to stream or buy from all digital platforms.

You can see the official video clip for U Can Have It All below.

Source: ESC Covers; Always Music AB


4 thoughts on “Queen On Street rocks with ‘U Can Have It All’ debut single”

  1. Strong, clear, crisps and beautiful vocals pouring out of this petite boundless energetic body is impressive. Great delivery. Love it.

  2. I have watched her sing on phuket street a number of times. Truely an amazing talent voice facial expression (especially when singing poker face).
    Can be a superstar if managed carefully.
    I wish you all the best lots of success and a happy happy fun filled life

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