Morten Thomassen from Norway started reported on the final positions of the 37 entries in the 2023 Eurovision song contest. ESC Covers google translated it from Norwegian to English.

This is a blog entry and represents only writer Morten Thomassen’s own views.

Last out of the 120-point club are our Czech friends in the group Vesna, who with their 129 points just captured 10th place and thus their country’s second best position ever.

Strangely enough, they came in the same place in the semi-final as last year’s entry from We Are Domi, 4th place, but were therefore paid much better in the final with one jump 12 places up the results list.

“My Sister’s Crown” sang Bara, Marketa, Olesya, Patricie, Tanita and Tereza who make up this group which, as far as I understand, usually perform and play instruments on stage, but in the ESC context they suddenly became a vocal group.

It was certainly a smart move, they managed to appear as a group in a much better way than if some of them were to stand and sort of play their instruments.

Now only three of the girls sing, the others are a bit more decorative and actually get to play a bit of drums at the very beginning of the song.

The performance itself is quite strong vocals and I think they bring out the strength in the song with what they do on stage in a pretty good way, whether the choreography was as strong is another matter, there was quite a bit of walking and that probably made the message they were trying to spread failed to capture those watching.

For me and maybe some others, it probably drags it down a bit more that with their pink suits they make it all a bit too sugary, but maybe it’s just me who doesn’t associate pink with strength?

Perhaps not entirely unexpectedly, the Vesna girls were best paid by the jury with 95 points which gave them 10th place after they had voted and happily for them, the more disappointing 35 points they received from the people did not send them further down the results list, however we know that just 10 points less would have given them 15th place.

This country mostly sends something young and fresh, and you would think that they will probably focus on the same thing next year.

Featured image – Corinne Cumming – EBU

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