Flag of Poland
Flag of Poland

The national selection in Poland is on 18 February. A list  of 10 finalists of Eurowizja TVP has been published.

01 -Martin Fitch „Fight for us”
02 – Kasia Moś „Flashlight”
03 – Carmell „Faces”
04 – Agata Nizińska „Reason”
05 – Rafał Brzozowski „Sky over Europe”
06 –  Isabell Otrębus-Larsson „Voiceless”
07 – Małgorzata Uściłowska (Lanberry) „Only human”
08 – Aneta Sablik „Ulalala”
09 – Paulla „Chcę tam z tobą być”
10 – Olaf Bressa „You look good”

None of the names are really known to us. We are happy that not all songs are in English.

Thanks for ESC Kaz for providing us with the list of candidates

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