Vienna is chosen!


Earlier today, the Austrian Broadcaster ORF and the EBU announced that Vienna has been chosen to host the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest.  Vienna beat the competition from Innsbruck and Graz, and will host the contest in the Wiener Stadthalle on the 19th, 21st and 23rd May.


The Wiener Stadthalle has an overall seating capacity of around 16 000 people, depending on stage design, and should make for a fantastic show.

The Commonwealth Games Song Contest

The Commonwealth Games is coming to an end, and so is the Commonwealth Games Song Contest. Please get your votes in as soon as possible. Points out of ten to each song. Anguilla are disqualified. Here are the entries.
The Commonwealth Games Song Contest 2014
01      Cyprus – Isin KARACA – ‘’Helal OLSUN’’
02      Grenada – Mr. Killa – ‘’Rolly Polly’’
03      British Virgin Islands – Melanie Amaro – ‘’Long Distance’’
04      Ghana – Becca ft Uhuru – ‘’Move’’
05      Jamaica – Etana – ‘’Reggae’’
06      Pakistan – Fusion, Sona WALIA, & Kam FRANTIC  – ‘’Ashiqi’’
07      Tuvalu – Te VAKA – ‘’Manatu’’
08      Bermuda –Heather NOVA –‘’Everything Changes’’
09      Gibraltar – META-STASIS – ‘’Space Occupying Lesion’’
10      Belize –Bobbo YOUTH ft. DJ Lifestyle –‘’Love it A The Answer’’
11      Zambia – B-flow, General Ozzy & Admiral P. ft Gyptian – ‘’2 by 2’’
12      Vanuatu – Vanessa QUAI – ‘’True Harmony’’
13      Swaziland – Siyinqaba – ‘’Coming Home’’
14      Papua New Guinea – O-SHEN –‘’Country Boy’’
15      New Zealand – Gotye ft. Kimbra –‘’Somebody That I Used To Know’’
16      England – John LEGEND – ‘’Tonight (The Best You Ever Had)’’
17      Isle of Man – Barry GIBB – ‘’Daddy’s Little Girl’’
18      Anguilla – Ary – ‘’Aiue Minha Vida’’
19      Malta – Lauren AQUILINA – ‘’Lovers or Liars’’
20      Saint Kitts and Nevis – Shakki Starfire –‘’Trouble’’
21      Singapore – JJ Lin – ‘’Practice Love’’
22      Norfolk Island – Anthony CESAR ft. Tessa – ‘’Your Hand’’
23      Namibia – Gal Level – ‘’Ohole’’
24      Samoa – PACIFIC SOUL – ‘’Mamalu O Samoa’’
25      Scotland – TEXAS – ‘’The Conversation’’
26      Niue Islands – DJ Player Vs Moanna LUKELUKE – ‘’Koe Tutalaaga Ha Taua’’
27      Malawi – Piksy – ‘’Unamata’’
28       Jersey – Nerina PALLOT – ‘’This Will Be Our Year’’
29      Seychelles – Sandra –  ‘’Dan Leo’’
30      Canada – ARCADE FIRE – ‘’We Exist’’
31      Australia – Jessica Mauboy – ‘’What Happened to us’’
32      Cameroon – Benza Benty – ‘’Mangu’’
33      Malaysia – Altimet & Awi Rafael –‘’Kalau Aku Kaya’’
34      Montserrat – Scrappy – ‘’We Soca’’
35   Rwanda – Cornielle ft. La Fouine  –


Danish singer Tim Schou with a copy of the compilation CD DANISH DELIGHTS

We know Tim Schou from the 2011 Danish eurovision group A FRIEND IN LONDON. in Copenhagen he was there as a solo artist and acted as one of the presenters of the events at Vega Euro club. We presented him with a copy of the special compilation CD OGAE Rest of the world made for Copenhagen called DANISH DELIGHTS – a CD that feature several Danish euro entries and selection songs covered by South Africa artists – the song A NEW TOMORROWof A FRIEND IN LONDON is one of the tracks covered.


Competition winners so far

Now that we have a website, we will be running more competitions and the winners will also be announced on the website so people can go and look and see how had won the various competitions. In the recent weeks, we have had 4 competitions and here is a recap of the winners

Michaela Sowden of Australia – Euro song news magazine

Richard Thiele of Australia – New full CD of Ovi

Christa Kruth of South Africa – 5 CD set of 100 Afrikaans hits (compliments of Sony music South Africa)

Andreas Blaschke of Austria – brand new Rinel Day CD (compliments of the artist herself)


Fans of Eurovision Song Contest Cover songs