Knez will represent Montenegro in Vienna Montenegro

The local broadcaster, RTCG, announced yesterday at a special press conference that Knez will represent Montenegro at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna.

Knez, whose full name is Nenad Knežević, was selected internally by RTCG and the details of how his song will be selected for Eurovision will be revealed at a later date. He said at the press conference “I’ll do my best and invest all my experience and knowledge. At the same time I’m hoping to have a perfect song which will represent Montenegro in the best possible way. Ballads were doing well in the last few years, but I wouldn’t exclude having an up-tempo song with some catchy melody.”

Knez first came to the spotlight in 1992 at the Belgrade Pop Festival and his song Da l’ si ikada mene voljela. He also released his first album, Kao magija in the same year. Knez has since gone to to record several hit albums in his home country and has even released a best of compilation album.

Knez {copyright:}
Knez {copyright:}

You can see Knez’s official video of one of his hits, Donna, here


Jessica Mauboy duets with X Factor Australia winner, Marlisa

Jessica Mauboy was the headline act of the Australian themed interval at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Denmark at the second semi-final. There she performed the anthemic, Sea Of Flags. She also performed the song at the closing ceremony at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland.

Jessica has recently performed a duet on the X Factor Australia stage with the winning act, Marlisa Punzalan. They sang the song Never Be The Same. You can see the performance here

Marlisa is the youngest contestant to win the X Factor in Australia at just 15 years old. She was born in Sydney in 1999 and her parents are from the Philippines. Her mentor on the X Factor was Ronan Keating, who was a presenter at the 1997 Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin, Ireland. He is also a member of the popular group, Boyzone.

Source: Mica Reyes; Fremantlemedia Australia;

Jessica Mauboy & Marlisa {copyright: X Factor Australia/Fremantlemedia Australia/Seven Network}
Jessica Mauboy & Marlisa {copyright: X Factor Australia/Fremantlemedia Australia/Seven Network}

Nikki Jamal releases new single – Yalan

Nikki Jamal was part of the duo with Eldar Gasimov (Ell & Nikki) that won the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest for Azerbaijan with Running Scared. Nikki and Eldar have since gone to release several solo singles and videos.

Now Nikki has released her latest song, Yalan (False), accompanied by an official video

Yalan is composed by  Isa Melikov and Paulina Volodkovskaya-Melikova. The song and video are released through Baku Music Factory records. You can see the video for Yalan here

Source: Baku Music Factory;


Gaia Cauchi showcases the official JESC 2014 theme song – Together

Gaia Cauchi was the popular winner of the 2013 Junior Eurovision with The Start. Gaia has showcased the official theme song of the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Malta on 15 November. The song is called Together. She performed the song today her own St. Francis School in Sliema, Malta.

Students and journalists were at the school to see Gaia sing Together. The song is composed by Elton ZarbGordon Bonello and Matt Muxu. The song is an upbeat number and the sixteen participants will each sing part of the song on the night of the contest.

Gaia Cauchi {copyright: PBS/}
Gaia Cauchi {copyright: PBS/}

You can see Gaia perform Together with her dancers here

Source:; PBS

Sympho-Nick speak to

Sympho-Nick will represent Ukraine at the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with their song Pryyde vesna (Spring is coming). The three member girl band speak to and they send a greeting here

Congratulations on being selected to represent Ukraine at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Malta.  First of all can you introduce yourselves. Please tell the readers your names and where you are from.

MARTA: I am Marta Rak, I am 13 and I am from Lviv.
SOFIIA: I am Sofiia Kutsenko, I am 12 and I am from Kharkiv.
AMALIIA: I am Amaliia Krymska, I am 12 and I am from Simferopol.

What were your feelings when you won the Ukrainian national selection?

MARTA: We were overwhelmed with emotions, we were pleased and happy that we would represent Ukraine on JESC-2014. We worked hard and of course we wanted to win.
SOFIIA: Of course, we remember our emotions! We were extremely happy! At first we hardly believed in it and we wanted to cry and laugh of happiness. We were grateful to everyone: to the viewers who voted for us, to our parents, team that prepared us for the national final. We couldn’t go to bed that evening since we were full of emotions and feelings. It was an unforgettable evening!
AMALIIA: Of course, it was an unforgettable feeling. It is hard to express it in words, one should feel it in order to understand.

Were Sympho-Nick especially formed for the Junior Eurovision?  

MARTA: No, we was not specially formed. It was my dream to represent Ukraine at JESC and the project “Music Academy of Eurovision” was the first step for realisation of my dream. That’s why I decided to take part in this project and when I became the winner of it I got the opportunity of being among 20 finalists of the national selection. I wasn’t familiar with the girls before this project but I heard much about their music activity. Due to this project we became friends. And now we are best friends. So, when we were called the winners the idea of forming a trio appeared at once.
SOFIIA: The story of our trio started when we participated in the TV project “Music Academy of Eurovision”. We got acquainted there and became friends. Despite being from different parts of Ukraine we communicated much and our friendship became stronger. It turned out that we three were announced the winners of the “Music Academy of Eurovision” and according to the rules we could participate in the national final for JESC-2014. And exactly that time an idea to form a trio appeared since we couldn’t imagine that we had to compete with each other.
AMALIIA: Trio Sympho-Nick was formed very unexpectedly. We became the winners of the TV project “Music Academy of Eurovision” and according to the rules each of us could participate in the national final. Therefore we decided to come together and form a trio.

Can you tell us about your song “Pryyde vesna (Spring will come)” and the meaning?

SYMPHO-NICK: The main message of the song is that when spring comes everything awakens and starts blooming. The same happens in our country that is experiencing a difficult time. But we believe that everything will become better soon. We are children, as it is known children are future of the country and we will do our best to make Ukraine free, prosperous and independent.

Do you all watch Junior Eurovision every year?

MARTA: Personally I like Junior Urovision Song Contest and Eurovision Song Contest very much. And in future I would like to represent Ukraine on adult Eurovision. Concerning my favourite songs, of course I have them and in particular I like “Gravity” by Zlata Ognevich, I also like the songs of Sofiia Tarasova, Anastasiya Petryk and Gaia Cauchi.
SOFIIA: I like to watch both Junior and adult Eurovision Song Contest every year. I like the songs of Zlata Ognevich, especially “Gravity”, Emmelie de Forest and her song “Only Teardrops”.
AMALIIA: I try not to miss Junior Eurovision every year. I watch it on TV. I like the songs of Anastasiya and Sofiia Tarasova.

Have you heard any of the other songs from this year’s Junior Eurovision? Do any of you have any particular favourites so far?

MARTA: Yes, I have. I like all the songs and it’s difficult to single out one.
SOFIIA: I have heard all the songs and I like all of them. I can’t determine better or worse, I consider that all of them has the chance to win.
AMALIIA: Yes, I have. Each song is very nice in its own way.

What type of music do you all like? Who are your favourite singers or groups?

MARTA: I like different styles in music and in particular I like jazz and pop music. I like Ani Lorak, Tina Karol, Sofiia Rotaru, Zlata Ognevich and also Beyoncé,Whitney Houston.
SOFIIA: I like to listen to the Ukrainian and international music. I like Tina Karol, Celine Dion, Rihanna.
AMALIIA: I like dynamic and cheerful music, like R&B. I like Christina Aguilera.

What were your favourite songs from the adult 2014 Eurovision Song Contest?

MARTA: All the songs were very nice, each of them has its own pecularity.
SOFIIA: All the songs were very beautiful but I liked the song “Undo” by Sanna Nielsen most of all.
AMALIIA: All the songs were very beautiful and I can’t single out the best one. I like all of them.

What are each of your ambitions for the future?

MARTA: I would like to become a singer but I also consider the opportunity of becoming a TV presenter or a model.
SOFIIA: My nearest plans are to prepare for the Junior Eurovision and to represent Ukraine on a big stage of Malta on the best possible way. I would like to continue taking vocal classes, attending music school, having choreographical classes and acting skills classes. I would like to deal with art and creativity in future.
AMALIIA: I would like to become a well-known artist and give the audience and people my music and art.

Thank you Sympho-Nick, good luck in Malta with Priyde Vesna. Do you have a final message readers?

MARTA: we would like to wish the readers all the best, let all your dreams come true as it goes in our song. Pleaser, vote for us! We love you!
SOFIIA: Thank you very much for the questions. I would like to tell you not to stop believing in your dream and it will definitely come true! Please, vote for us, we love you and we sing for you!!!
AMALIIA: Thank you! I would like to wish the readers to reach your aim and never give up!

Sympho-Nick will sing Pryyda vesna in Malta on 15 November 2014. You can see and hear the girls song here

Sympho-NIck {copyright: NTU}
Sympho-NIck {copyright: NTU}

Lizi Pop releases official music video for Happy Day

Lizi Pop will this year represent Georgia at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Malta on 15 November. Lizi (also known as Lizi Japaridze) was internally selected by the local broadcaster, GPB, to represent her country.

The young and talented has already recorded a song for a special New Year tv show, Gozinaya Party, in 2013 with the 2011 winners of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Group Candy. It was a charming version in Georgian of After The Love Has Gone by the legendary American soul group, Earth, Wind & Fire. You can see the performance here

Now Lizi Pop has released the official video clip for her song, Happy Day. You can see the video here .

Lizi is 10 years old and will be joined on stage in Malta by four girl dancers. The dancers are Kate Arbolishvili, Nita LomiZe, Sophie Dashniani and Dea Dashniani.

Lizi Pop {copyright: GPB}
Lizi Pop {copyright: GPB}

Source:; GPB;

Ruth Lorenzo releases new single and album

Ruth Lorenzo has released her follow up single to her 2014 Eurovision song for Spain, Dancing In The Rain. The song is called Gigantes and is taken from her brand new album, Planeta Azul.

Ruth Lorenzo finished in a highly respectable 10th place for Spain in Copenhagen at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest with her anthemic Dancing In The Rain. Ruth also had success in the X Factor tv show in the United Kingdom, where the finished in 5th place in the 2008 edition.

Ruth has released a couple of singles before Eurovision. The debut song was Burn that had made the Top 20 charts in Spain in 2011. Then came The Night in 2013.

Now Ruth has released her album Planeta Azul with the lead single being the

Ruth Lorenzo {copyright:}
Ruth Lorenzo {copyright:}

epic Gigantes. The single is accompanied by a glossy music video that you can view here . The song is composed by Ruth and Pedro Contreras.

Source: Ruth Lorenzo Facebook;

Swedish version of Calm After The Storm released by Sannex & Drifters

The runner up song in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest by the Common Linnets, Calm After The Storm, is proving to be a most popular hit in many countries and has already been recorded in several languages by local artists. The latest release we hear about is a Swedish version called Lugn efter en storm by Sannex & Drifters. The vocals are shared by Andreas from Sannex and Erica from the Drifters.

Both acts are popular in the dansband style music in Sweden. The Drifters were originally formed in 1962 and have had several band member changes since then. The current lead singer is Erica Sjöström. The band have had many hit singles and albums over the years and won many prizes including the Swedish Grammy for ‘Best Dance/Pop’ in 2007.

Sannex are also a popular dansband in Sweden having many hit singles and albums since 1990. The current lead singer is Andreas Olsson and he also plays guitar.

You can see the video for Lugn efter en storm here

Source: Rafael Laso;

Andreas (Sannex) & Erica (Drifters) copyright:
Andreas (Sannex) & Erica (Drifters) copyright:


20 acts announced for 2015 Malta Eurovision Song Contest

The 20 finalists for the Malta Eurovision Song Contest selection were announced on the local TVM show, Xarabank. They include several familiar names from national selections and two former Malta Eurovision contestants return. Glen Vella (2011) and Gianluca Bezzina as part of L-Ahwa with four of his sisters and a brother.  Amongst the selection are Sisters (Ekklesia), they are a group of nuns.82a927dfd77ee1efd60f06afc2358597There will be song composed by 2009 Eurovision winner, Alexander Rybak (Norway) for Franklin Calleja.  There will be a semi-final on 21 November and the final will be the following evening 22 November.

The 20 acts are are –

  • Glen Vella Breakaway
  • Trilogy Chasing A Dream
  • Karen DeBattista 12 Baker Street
  • Franklin Calleja Still Here
  • Deborah C It’s OK
  • Sisters (Ekklesia) Love And Let Go
  • Lawrence Gray The One That You Love
  • Amber Bondin Warrior
  • Jessika Fandango
  • Daniel Testa Something In The Way
  • Christabelle Borg Rush
  • Chris Grech Closed Doors
  • L-Ahwa Beautiful To Me
  • Raquel Galdes Stop Haunting Me
  • Danica Muscat Close Your Eyes
  • Lyndsay Pace Home
  • Corazon Secretly
  • Iona Dalli Could Have Been Me
  • Domenique Azzopardi Take Me As I Am
  • Minik Once In A While








Olta Boka takes part in Dance With Me in Albania

Olta Boka represented Albania at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest with the gentle ballad Zemrën e lamë peng (Hearts trapped in time). She has since gone on to achieve a variety of hits in her country and has been successful in popular festivals such as Top Fest where for example this year she won the Top Albania Radio award with Erik Lloshi for the song Ti me ke mua.

Now Olta is competing in the popular Dance With Me entertainment show on Klan tv in Albania. Here she will show off another of her many talents – dancing. The tv show will run until the end of the year. Her partner will be the Albanian actor Devis Mukor.

Olta will return to music early in 2015. She has recorded many styles of music since Eurovision 2008 including ballads, pop10561666_573229919448441_3667140087518189680_n and dance. We will see soon what her next style with entake. In the meantime she is sharpening those dance moves.  You can see Olta and Devis dance here


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