Second Chance Retro

Second Chance Retro started in 2003 with the purpose of looking back at songs from Eurovision National Finals that were not selected to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest (thereby giving the songs a “second chance” to represent their country). The first of these contests started with entries that had competed for Eurovision 1986. The eventual winner of the 1986 Second Chance Retro crown was Deedee from The Netherlands singing “Fata Morgana”.

Each year since, Second Chance Retro has gone back another year (2004 voted on 1985 entries, 2005 on 1984 entries, and so on).

However, not all currently participating countries and OGAE clubs participated in the Eurovision Song Contest or held a National Final in 1986 or earlier. For this reason, Guest Jury Hits was introduced in 2004. This allowed entries from countries without National Finals to choose another song that had been released in the same Retro year, but had not been affiliated to Eurovision. Each Retro year therefore has a Eurovision Second Chance Retro winner and a Guest Jury Hits winner.

In 2015 OGAE ROW voting process for the contest run from 18 July to 31 August, find details here. Find on complete list of participating entries here and final results here.

Table A: Second Chance Retro results since 1986

YearParticipantsWinnerPerformerSongPointsRunner-upThird place
198613NetherlandsNetherlandsDeeDee"Fata Morgana"123IcelandDenmark
198512DenmarkDenmarkTrax"Ved du hva' du sku"170United KingdomIsrael
198415BelgiumBelgiumFormule II"Merci à la vie"160SwedenDenmark
198315GermanyGermanyIngrid Peters and July Paul"Viva La Mamma"204DenmarkIsrael
198215NetherlandsNetherlandsThe Millionaires"Fantasie eiland"204United KingdomGermany
198116United-KingdomUnited KingdomLiquid Gold"Don't Panic"248SwedenNetherlands
198012United-KingdomUnited KingdomMaggie Moone"Happy Everything"289GermanyFrance
197913GermanyGermanyPaola"Vogel der Nacht"188GreeceIsrael
197814United-KingdomUnited KingdomRonnie France"Lonely Nights"226IsraelDenmark
197710FranceFrancePatricia Lavila"Vis ta vie"275United KingdomBelgium
197614LuxembourgLuxembourgMarianne Rosengberg"Tout peut arriver au cinéma"212United KingdomFrance
197511GermanyGermanyMarianne Rosengberg"Er gehört zu mir"264SwedenPortugal
197411United-KingdomUnited KingdomOlivia Newton-John"Have Love, Will Travel"277FranceLuxembourg

Table B: OGAE Rest of the World voting patterns since 1982

1981United-KingdomUnited KingdomCHNLYUDKFIDKSEBENOUK
1980United-KingdomUnited KingdomDEUKDKNOIEPTFRFIGRSE
1978United-KingdomUnited KingdomDKDEUKCHNOSEIEGRFIPT
1974United-KingdomUnited KingdomUKDEFRSECHLUFINLPTBE

* Seven points were not awarded as there were only 10 participating countries that year