Morten Thomassen looks at another candidate in the 2023 Norwegian selection and speculate on it chances of going to the final. ESC Covers google translated it from Norwegian to English.

The song that is farthest from what many would call traditional MGP music is probably the group Prohibition that serves us.

We are served swing music from the happy 20s and then everyone realizes that we have to go back 100 years in time, the 20s we are in now are probably still a good bit away from happy.

The seven happy boys in the group Swing’it perform «Prohibition» and on Saturday they will probably all be on stage.

If they were to manage the masterpiece of winning the Norwegian final and getting to go to Liverpool, one of them would be denied access to the stage, but something tells me that that problem will not arise.

Not that I have anything against this kind of music in MGP, on the contrary, but I’m rather struggling to see that this will have sufficient impact with those who vote on Saturday.

Yes, this is festive and fast-paced and many will probably feel twitches in their dancing legs when the song is performed.

Whether it gives as many jerks on the vote button, I’m probably still more doubtful.

The song is a cool thing with lots of rhythms and people who can actually play the instruments they bring on stage, although I doubt whether there will be any sound from these instruments on Saturday.

Regardless of how it goes, it’s nice that this kind of music can also be shown in prime time for MGP and for them it doesn’t hurt to reach out to a larger audience.

Photo credits – NRK

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