Young Mr. Pettersen has been in our musical consciousness for quite some time now, but he has come across as quite tough and rock.

Then he goes away and gets young and then the guy becomes “soft” and I think many people would benefit from such changes.

He copes with the transition very well and it has to be said that the song “Masterpiece” possibly starts a little low, but it picks up relatively quickly and smoothly to something with strength and rhythm that is very similar.

I find this song very personal, something many of this year’s artists do and all of them do it in a way that seems believable and real, but it is possible that some people feel that there is a bit of inflation in this type of song.

We know that this guy is steady even when it comes to vocals and I’m not afraid that he won’t find the right empathy when it’s his own daughter he’s singing to.

As it stands now, he appears to be one of the surest cards to get on the MGP bus that goes to Trondheim after the last semi-final is over.

However, the competition in this dolphin final is very tough and as I see it, it can actually go either way for most of the participants and Atle is no exception in this regard.

Photo credit – NRK

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