Morten Thomassen from Norway decided to write about some of his memories of Eurovision and the Norwegian Eurovision selection. ESC Covers again will publish it after google translating it from Norwegian to English.

Actually just stopping by soon to wish all my readers a continued nice Christmas celebration, there is only about a week until the Norwegian MGP season 2024 and who knows, maybe a favorite artist will appear on the list of who will be with in our beloved Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix, so maybe save some glitter for the first Friday in January 2024?

One thing that doesn’t quite go together is Christmas and MGP/ESC.

Well, our Albanian friends always have their final days before Christmas Eve, so for many years we have received the first ESC song for the next season as a kind of Christmas present from them, this year they are actually late as several countries have already chosen its song so the gift selection is slightly larger.

Since MGP/ESC is a competition that takes place when spring approaches and it is spring, it is perhaps natural that Christmas has not been a major theme in everything that ESC songs have been about.

However, once in the 60s there must have been a melody in a French final, but Christmas as the theme, but I can’t find out what it was called.

However, the Eurovision shop has put on the Christmas drive and actually sells more Christmas products, they were a bit Christmasy after all.

But, found on the delicious internet a collection of songs that some believe have something Christmasy about them, judge for yourself:

I personally think there is a song missing from this collection, namely the Croatian contribution from 1993 “Don’t Ever Cry”.

Here there are some bell sounds in the arrangement and whole songs ooze a bit of Christmas spirit, if you ask me, judge for yourself or come up with a better suggestion.

On this recording from the Croatian final, it turns out that the group Putokazi actually consists of 7 members and the 7th man gets to be on stage, albeit without a microphone, but he sings along, like everyone is going to the Christmas party.

I agree with Morten, this song has a Christmas ring to it.

My memories of 1993 is quite special as after the democratic change in South Africa, I was able to go to Europe again in 1993 and that was the first of a continuous run of Eurovisions attendings yearly until 2019.

The 3 ex Yugoslavia countries, Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia entered on their own for the first time and all 3 brought superb songs.

Featured image – Wikipedia

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