Interview: Ivan (2016 ESC Belarus) by Eliana Goncharova

Ivan represented Belarus at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest with Help You Fly. He performed at the ‘We Can’ charity anniversary festival held in St Petersburg, Russia on 7 October. Eliana Goncharova interviewed Ivan for ESC Covers.

At the charity concert Ivan sang the famous song The Show Must Go On (Queen) with a girl in a wheelchair. Then our correspondent Eliana Goncharova interviewed him (English translation here)

Eliana:Charity. What does this mean for you?

Ivan:This is an opportunity to do something good for people from the heart and soul.

Eliana:How long have you been doing charity work?

Ivan: I often participate in some charity projects. For example “Northern Crown”. After St. Petersburg, we will go to the children to “Northern Crown”. And there are many such projects. I sing and try to teach someone to sing. I help as much as I can.

Eliana: – Did you start doing charity work when you lived in Belarus or when you moved to Russia?

Ivan:In Russia. I was not very popular in Belarus. There were no offers for charity.

Eliana:Some people think if they donate only 100 rubles to charity, or, for example, 1000 rubles, they will not be able to help anyone. But I believe that any donate can help. Do you agree?

Ivan: Of course, any amount can help. Everyone donates as much as they can. This is the meaning of charity.

Eliana: – You are a famous person. I think a lot of people turn to you for help. How do you make decisions? Any resource is not unlimited and it is impossible to “answer yes to everyone”. How to build a balance and make a right choice?

Ivan:This is a good and difficult question. I will help if this help is feasible for me. For example, I teach. But it’s hard for me to take money from people for lessons. My lessons are not economically correct. I can teach one hour, two hours, three hours. And if a person likes a lesson, I can teach for free.

Eliana: How long have you been working with the charity project “We Can?” Or are you participating for the first time?

Ivan:As I remember it for the first time.

Eliana: How do you feel when you help children with disabilities?

Ivan: – I feel like I’m doing something good. And it’s great! It is very nice to see the happy eyes of any person, especially a child. And it is even more pleasant to be the cause of this joy.

Eliana: Thank you for the interview, Ivan

You can see a short clip of Ivan singing The Show Must Go On by Queen below and the video interview (mainly in Russian).

Source: ESC Covers; Eliana Goncharova

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