Four more acts to final of ‘Una Voce per San Marino’ semi-final #4

San Marino continued their marathon Eurovision selection method with the fourth semi-final of ‘Una Voce per San Marino’.

Four more acts qualified for the final –

  • Thomas (Italy) – 23:23
  • Tothem (Italy) Sacro e profano (Sacred and Profane)
  • Vina Rose (United Kingdom) – Oblivious
  • XGIOVE (Italy) – Fuoco e benzina (Fire and Gasoline)

Four more acts go to the second chance phase –

  • Pjero (Italy) – Spiderman
  • Raim (Italy) – All Alone
  • **Ronela (Albania) – Salvaje (Wild)
  • Roy Paci (Italy) – Tromba (Trumpet)

**Ronela represented Albania at the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest with Sekret.

Source: ESC Covers; eurovoix

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