EURIVIZCON will be organized in the UNITED KINGDOM as a UK celebration of Eurovision.

The event is scheduled for 2 days, 20 and 21 September 2024 so still some time in the future. Already 6 acts have been lined up and more will be announced closer to the dates.

There will be meet and greets, a trading hall and memorabilia available to buy. ESC Covers hope to donate some items.

The 6 acts available so far are:

BUCKS FIZZ – the 1981 Eurovision winners from the United Kingdom with MAKING YOUR MIND UP

BOBBYSOCKS – the 1985 Eurovision winners from Norway with LA DET SWINGE

SLAVKO – the 2017 Eurovision singer from Montenegro with SPACE

SENHIT – the singer who represented SAN MARINO twice, in 2011 with STAND BY and 2021 with ADRENALINA.

SUNSTROKE PROJECT – they represented MOLDOVA twice – in 2010 with RUNAWAY and in 2017 with HEY MAMMA

CHIARA – she represented MALTA 3 times, in 1998 with THE ONE THAT I LOVE, in 2005 with ANGEL and in 2009 with WHAT IF WE

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