Morten Thomassen looks today at a costume he saw as an 11 year old. ESC Covers google translated it from Norwegian to English.

Now I am going to visit the costume that was the first thing I really noticed.

I was 11 years old and as far as I remember I watched the international final alone in the living room when we had a visit from my grandmother and probably someone else.

I remember that she came in and chatted a bit with me, but she soon understood that my priority that night was not on my family, but on a music competition.

Maltese Renato sang the song “Singing This Song” and the song itself passed me by, but after 2 last places in the first two attempts, this island state got an honorable 12th place this year and then we didn’t see them again until 1991.

What I remembered best was the turquoise sweater with long fringes he was wearing, I thought it was so super-cool that I wanted one like that with all my heart.

Not surprisingly, such clothes were not available in the shops in the mid-70s in Midt-Troms, so my dream never came true. But, I would still have gone with a sweater like that, I think it’s still so nice and unique, and good childhood memories should be preserved for posterity.

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