1. I just wanted so much more. I did watch Festivali i Këngës and its many many commercials. Unlike previous years, no particular artist blew me away. So, I wasn’t entirely sold on this selection. Later, the English version was released and my interest dropped, just like the intensity of the new version.
    Eneda’s performance was essentially fine and I was able to sing along with the “oh oh’s.” There wasn’t anything in particular that stood out and I’m struggling with something to say about it, whether good or bad. I feel like the Albanian hallmarks, the power vocals and a guitar solo, just weren’t there.
    Maybe next year.

  2. I think that the Albanian entry was better in Albanian, they should have sung it in Albanian.
    She performed well on stage too dressed in a gold gown, good vocals, just the luck of the draw.

  3. A good song from Albania but don’t think it translated well on TV and got lost in a sea of Euro ballads.

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