Elmira Talalyan gave another beautiful performance on ‘Song Song – New Voices’ in Armenia

Elmira Talalyan got to sing again in the next phase of the ‘Song Song – New Voices’ tv show in Armenia. This time Elmira sang as part of a  duet to the watching judges and audience.

Elmira sang beautifully in her performance. The song that was performed was an old Armenian called Msho Gorani.

Definitely, Elmira can be very proud of her journey in this competition and is certainly a super experience for her.

Elmira is a talented young artist from Armenia. She is a student of the ZB Song Studio and she previously released the amazing Qez hamar Hayastan (Armenia for you) song.

ESC Covers looks forward to more of Elmira’s singing in the future.

You can see Elmira perform her duet in ‘Song Song – New Voices’ here.

Source: ESC Covers; AMPTV

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