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Watch: Elmira Talalyan and her first solo concert – ‘Chanaparh depi mets bem’

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Elmira Talalyan is a talented young artist from Armenia. She has just released her first full solo concert, ‘Chanaparh depi mets bem’ (Road to the big stage). The show was recorded on her birthday 27 September.

Zaruhi Babayan, Elmira’s teacher, joined Elmira on the stage and they sang a duet together.

Elmira sang a fine repertoire of songs with much variety including pop and traditional Armenian music. She was joined on the stage at times by the children of ZB Song Studio.

Elmira can be proud of her performance and she has much charm with a lot of enthusiasm and confidence on the stage. The watching audience enjoyed the show and gave Elmira much applause and acclaim.

ESC Covers looks forward to hearing more of Elmira’s music soon and we are sure she has a big future in the world of music and entertainment.

You can see the full concert by Elmira below.

Source: ESC Covers