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Watch: Passed make a Chill Lofi Beat using just a Harp!

dori fanni

The group Passed have made an interesting and fun video where they make chill lofi beat just using a harp.

The three members of Passed are Dorottya Nizalowski, Fanni Nizalowski and Levente Szabó. They have taken part twice in the Hungarian A Dal Eurovision national selection shows. Now they are based in Krakow in Poland.

So for fun the challenge of the chill lofi beat was realised by Levi making a beat in Ableton Live using only harp sounds. Fanni plays the harp at the Academy of Music in Krakow. She is studying her masters there right now. Then when the beat and harp sounds were ready, Dori sang vocals over the song Heartless by The Weeknd but with new lyrics by Ray Winston.

Check out unique sound in the video below.

Source: ESC Covers: YouTube/Passed – photos of Passed from the video