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We all know that in 2015 Eurovision will celebrate its 60th birthday. And OGAE Rest of the world will also celebrate in style with a big project. We will make a 3 set compilation CD with 60 Eurovision covers. So each CD will contain 20 songs. There are over 400 covers done in South Africa so I can already pick 60 songs without too much trouble, and I have done that. But I also want our members to be part of it and about 8 songs can “disappear” from this list and your suggestions added if we

1- have them covered already or

2 – can find someone to cover it

You have until 30 November to send suggestions to me at

There is how the 3 CD’s will look like as of now


Armenia 2010

Austria 1994

Azerbaijan 2011

Belarus 2012 & 2013

Belgium 1996 & 2006

Croatia 1995

Cyprus 2012

Denmark 2009 & 2010

Estonia 2002 & 2011

Finland 2000 & 2009

France 1976 & 1993

Georgia 2008 & 2013

Greece 2005


Germany 1982, 1985 & 2009

Hungary 2013

Iceland 1991, 2004 & 2008

Ireland 2006 & 2011

Israel 1979

Italy 1984 & 2013

Latvia 2003, 2004, 2007 & 2008

Lithuania 2005

Luxembourg 1972 & 1973

Macedonia 2006


Malta 1997

Montenegro 2009

Netherlands 1981 & 1984

Norway 2009 & 2011

Portugal 2007

Romania 2010 & 2011

Russia 2012 & 2013

Spain 1973 & 2007

Sweden 2001, 2006, 2009, 2012 & 2014

Turkey 2009

United Kingdom 1996

FYR Macedonia chooses Daniel Kajmakoski for Vienna! Macedonia

FYR Macedonia has officially become the first country to choose their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna following their glittering National Final, the Skopje Festival.

The festival consisted of 20 participants competing for the chance to represent their country in next year’s contest, however it was Daniel Kajmakoski who came out on top with his song Lisja Esenski which means “Autumn Leaves”.

Daniel was one of the favourites, after previously winning the first edition of X Factor Adria. We wish him very good luck for his road to Vienna.

Belgium chooses internally Belgium

The Eurovision 2015 selection season has well and truly begun with Belgian broadcaster RTBF confirming their entrant to next year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna. Belgium have decided to select their entrant internally, and the lucky participant is Loïc Nottet.

Loïc was a finalist in the 2014 Belgian edition of The Voice. The 18-year old singer came second in the final. Although we do not yet know what song he will be singing, or even how the song will be chosen, we wish Loïc all the best in Vienna.


Just a round up over the three OGAE contests for 2014


OGAE Norway has informed us that the results will be available some time next week. Once the exact date is known, we will publish it on the facebooks. Also then Gerry in the USA will reveal how the members in South Africa, Australia and America have voted. He has tabled those separately.


OGAE Spain has set a deadline of 20 October when we have to send them to votes of our club, so you still have until 18 October to vote (if you want)


Unfortunately no news from OGAE BELGIUM over when this will start but it should be in the next week or two


Bulgaria has decided no 2015 participation

Despite submitting their application to the EBU to participate in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna, BNT (the Bulgarian National Broadcaster) has decided not to enter the contest after all due to lack of funds. This will be the second year that Bulgaria has opted not to participate after missing the 2014 contest, also due to financial reasons.

Bulgaria debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005 but have had mixed success in the contest. Their best showing was in the 2007 contest in Helsinki, with their entry “Water” by Elitsa Todorova and Stoyan Yankoulov, which placed 5th in the final. This was however the only year they reached the Finals after missing out on qualifying from the Semi-Finals on all their other performances, although they narrowly missed the Finals in 2008 and 2011 placing 11th in their Semi-Final.

Bulgaria will be missed in the contest, and we hope that they are able to return in 2016.

Just a footnote.

Andy informs me that Bulgaria said no if the EBU publishes the list of participating countries NOW, but after JUNIOR EUROVISION, if the list is not published, Bulgaria may decide to go to Vienna – so it is not a 100% no. Maybe if they do badly at Junior, they will not go to Vienna.


We want to update everybody on the situation with the Eurovision fans of Belarus.

In 2013 in Malmo, the various OGAE clubs voted to grant Belarus candidate club status on condition that they come to 2014 in Copenhagen and personally inform the various presidents of their ability to run as an independent club and show us what activities they have done.

The president and vice-president of the Belarus fans were personally in Copenhagen by virtue of P accreditations from OGAE International, yet they failed to attend the meeting. This left the meeting no option but to vote on their OGAE status and it was unanimous to terminate their candidate status and remove them from the OGAE network.

Belarus appealed this decision and they were given a second chance. The various clubs had time to discuss the matter and an internet vote took place – either to confirm the decision of Copenhagen or to reverse it.

The voting ending midnight Sunday and 20 clubs voted to confirm the decision and 11 voted to reverse it. 8 other clubs either abstained or did not vote for whatever reason.

Now the official status is that there is no more OGAE Belarus and the Eurovision fans in that country has to find a new home. In normal circumstances, they would come back to OGAE Rest of the world.

We have, however, been informed by OGAE Russia that the board of Belarus decided to rather become part of OGAE Russia. We get the impression that the ordinary fans in Belarus had no say in this. Therefore we are giving them also the option to join Rest of the world.

We have made special provision for this.

1 – Although our deadline for membership for 2015 to be on the Vienna ticket list has expired, we have decided to extend it until 31 October for fans living in Belarus.

2 – We have decided to give them a 50% discount on membership, instead of 10 euro, it will be just 5 euro for them (with the shortfall being paid by OGAE Rest of the world).

3 – We will allow all fans living in Belarus to vote in the remaining contests, OGAE Song contest and OGAE Video contest and their votes will be included with R O W voted.

4 – Our entry for the video contest is a video from Belarus and even sung in that language.

5 – To put at ease the minds of our other members, Belarus members won’t get preferential treatment when it comes to the ticket list. No fan in Belarus applied for a ticket set for 2014 and we do not see more than 1 or 2 applying for it for 2015.

Rest of the world has bend backwards to try and help the fans that are now without a Eurovision home, but of course we can only do some much. It is up to each individual living in Belarus to decide whether to come to R O W for one year or join OGAE Russia, or just wait until Belarus apply in Vienna 2015 for club status again.


More countries confirm, with Montenegro, Latvia and Belarus saying “Yes”

Several more countries have now announced their participation in Vienna, with Montenegro, Latvia and Belarus all confirming their participation.

The Montenegrin broadcaster, RTCG, confirmed their intention to participate next year, and will most likely choose their act via an internal selection.

The Latvian news was announced by their broadcaster LTV, although details of their selection have not yet been announced.

BTRC, the Belarussian broadcaster announced their participation and currently have teams of people evaluating the format it will use to select their 2015 entry.

Azerbaijan confirms for Vienna

The National Broadcaster of Azerbaijan, Ictimai, has confirmed that Azerbaijan will participate in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest next year in Vienna, Austria. No details have been announced however as to their selection process.
Azerbaijan will be hoping to improve on their performance following their 22nd placing in the 2014 contest with Dilara Kasimova, which was their lowest placing to date. In 2013 they finished in 2nd place, whilst placing 4th in 2012 and of course winning in 2011 with Running Scared.