Morten Thomassen discusses the second place song from 1985. ESC Covers google translated it from Norwegian to English.

For the second time, the German group Wind appears in this series, they managed the feat of coming in second place 2 years apart.

The year we Norwegians got our first victory, it was these ladies and gentlemen who gave our girls in Bobbysocks the biggest fight for victory.

However, in the end they were 18 points short of robbing us of victory, so it was a little bit up to them to almost win then.

Back on the results list it was much tighter, only 2 points down to our Swedish friends in third place and only 3 points behind followed Great Britain.

Germany led the voting for a long time, but towards the end the points shone more with its absence and it was actually not until there were 3 juries left that Norway rose to the top.

“Für Alle” was the name of the song they sang in 1985 and this group has, in a way, had this as a kind of motto.

They have had a whole bunch of members and they are still active even though it may seem like they haven’t released music since 2017.

Did you know they re-released their 1985 song in 2007 when they had so many new ones members that they might not sound exactly like the original version.

I have a feeling that German TV is possibly not so keen on sending “old” trotters to ESC now, but a reunion could possibly be interesting if nothing else.

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