Morten Thomassen writes today about Iceland who twice came second, in 1999 and then years later in 2009. ESC Covers google translated it from Norwegian to English.

Today we’re going to the country that has the second place that was the furthest away from winning, it was Yohanna back in 2009.

Exactly 20 years ago, our Icelandic friends came in second place for the first time and this year they were just 17 points short of winning.

Once again it was a Nordic country that let them down for victory, we all remember that a Swedish blonde hijacked the victory this year.

It was even more narrow down to third place, only 6 points separated and it was Germany who finished there.

Selma was the name of the lady who sang “All Out Of Luck” and the fact that she led the voting until there were a handful of juries left fit the song title quite well.

Selma, whose last name is Björnsdottir, also participated for Iceland in 2005, but despite high hopes before the competition started, she failed to qualify for the final.

Otherwise, I can read that this lady mostly keeps the cook as an actress and it seems as if it is mostly musicals that she makes a living from.

Don’t forget that she was a chorister during the international final in 2003 and otherwise I have then met the lady at a later ESC event, clearly she likes herself better in the background when it comes to ESC these days.

So the question is whether she wants to try her luck in this competition several times.

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