Morten Thomassen discussed today the second position from 2014. ESC Covers google translates it from Norwegian to English.

It was pretty nice to be Norwegian in Denmark in 2014, but our Dutch friends think it was even nicer.

A whole 9 years in a row, this country managed not to qualify for the finals, so it obviously took a while and messed up so much.

The year before they came in 9th place and this year it was time for a silver place.

The Common Linnets, as this duo called themselves, took a toned down tri-sex ballad to incredible heights with a stylish performance.

Now they were a full 52 points away from the victory of our Austrian friend Conchita, but it had been 39 years since their last podium finish, so they were probably happy with that place.

Swedish Sanna Nielsen was 20 points in her third place, so another fairly safe second place here.

“Calm After The Storm” was the name of the song and it would only take 5 years before this country won its fifth victory.

As a duo, this group was short-lived, however, after Waylon left it already in May 2014, Ilse DeLange took in 3 new members and, as this constellation, they are still going strong.

Waylon still as a solo artist and already 4 years later was back in the ESC arena and this time he was rewarded with an 18th place.

The question is then whether he has not used up his ESC quota, but perhaps Ilse wants to participate once more?

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