Morten Thomassen writes today about the fascinating situation at the 1991 Eurovision song contest when two songs ended at the same amount of points.  ESC Covers google translated it from Norwegian to English.

This post ends this series which has concentrated on all finals from 1975 until this year (2022).

And then it is natural to end with the year in which, in sports parlance, you had to choose a winner with a goal photo.

Most people remember that Sweden and France ended on the same score, they got the same number of 12-pointers, but when the number of 10-pointers was counted, Carola had a total of 5 of them while Amina only had 2 of the same kind.

Thus, the song “C’est Le Dernier Qui En Parle Qui En Raison” will be the only song that did not win with this rule in the event of a tie.

Now the rules are that the country that gets points from the most participants wins and back in 1991 Amina got points from 18 countries, while Carola got points from 17 countries.

The Norwegian translation of the title goes something like this: “It’s the last person to talk about who’s right”, a bit incomprehensible, but it should probably be understood that the person who screams the loudest probably thinks that person is the most right.

Amina Annabi is of Tunisian origin and has been working as an artist since 1978 and she has probably been quite successful.

She has also tried her hand as an actress, so a versatile lady.

I myself was at a concert with the lady in Oslo and I have a habit of being out very early so I was possibly the first man into the concert venue.

There I saw someone I thought was a washerwoman, but when she came closer I saw to my horror that it was Amina herself.

This was long before mobile phones were common property, so unfortunately I have no proof of this meeting.

Amina’s second place was France’s last podium until they finally climbed it again last year, despite this, I doubt madam Annabi will try to achieve another podium next year, but she would have been wanted back by me anyway.




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