Morten Thomassen writes of the second place in the 1980 Eurovision song contest. ESC Covers google translated it to English from Norwegian.

Although our German friends were a major power in so many ways in Europe, the ESC was something they hadn’t quite got around to.

But, then a guy named Ralph Siegel came on the track and they eventually got into the groove, but he had to warm up the podium a few years before he reached the top then.

Already the year before, he and the group Dschingis Khan had gained a flair for the podium with a fourth place and already in 1980 he secured Germany’s first silver place with the song “Theater”.

It is possible that the fact that the artist Katja Ebstein tried for the third time had something to do with it, she charmed Europe almost in a slump this year.

However, she was 14 points short of beating a certain Johnny Logan, who would eventually become accustomed to ESC triumphs.

Down to our British friends in third place it was 22 points so a clear second place in other words.

According to the ESC statistics, the lady whose real name is Karin Witkiewicz is the only one who has been three times on the ESC podium without winning.

Katja started as an artist as early as 1969 and is still going strong and one of the biggest hit stars the Germans have.

She gave Germany its first two bronze places in the ESC when she participated in 1970 and 1971.

She has released a bunch of records and, as if that wasn’t enough, quite a few books too.

She has also been politically and socially engaged and has been elected to one state parliament.

As if this wasn’t enough as late as 2021, she won the prize as glasses wearer of the year in Germany, I can read up to.

At the age of 77, you probably need such aids, but I doubt that seeing her again in the ESC will happen, although her first ESC contribution had a title that wonders happen all the time, so who knows?

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