Morten Thomassen looks today at the next song from the two semi finals and it’s chances to reach the final. ESC Covers google translated it from Norwegian to English.

For being one of the smallest participating countries in the competition, this country has quite an extensive national final.

Not surprisingly, there are not many natives there and not very surprisingly, it is an Italian rock band who gets to wave the flag for them this year.

They’re called Piqued Jacks and they play alternative rock, whatever it may be, and the song they play is called “Like An Animal”.

Now it didn’t exactly go terribly well when they performed a rock song last year and I have a feeling that it won’t go much better this year.

But, exactly that claim they have to disprove, they appear anyway to be a little more streamlined than last year’s contribution, I would say.

The vocalist has to be more involved in the camera than he was in the national final and it’s a job he should be able to do when he and the rest of the guys in the band are well advanced in Liverpool.

Anyway, at the moment I probably don’t have these on my list of who qualifies for the final from semi-final 2 where they are participating.

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