Morten Thomassen discussed today the entry from FRANCE that ended in 24th position at the 2022 Eurovision song contest. ESC Covers google translated it into English. 

I have mentioned before that this year’s Address Turin panel ended up pretty much on the plains this year.

That is exactly what can be said about the song they named their victor.

Alvan & Ahez who sang in Breton for France did not manage to grab  many points. Because when you only get 17 in total, you end up far down in the results table.

In terms of points, there was an even distribution between the jury and the people, but with the exception of 7 points from the Armenian jury, we are talking about getting scatter points.

In other words, the song “Fulenn” which means sparks did not make those who voted sparkle.

But, for many fans who had tipped this song out loud, another 24th place was both a big disappointment and a big surprise.

For a long time this song was high on the betting lists, but after we had seen them rehearse, the downturn began.

For me, what goes most wrong is a very messy performance and the TV direction only hurts worse here in fact.

All the energy and strength of the song disappears in one blissful mess of rapid image changes and artists buzzing around the stage like confused chickens.

All this was totally incomprehensible all the time that on the first exercise we saw the number was much tighter and appeared to be really cool.

Obviously someone must not have liked this version and they chose to go back to the messy version we saw already in the French final.

Last year this country was a place away from the top, this year a place away from the bottom, so things are changing fast.

Next year, they should focus on as good artists as they have had, but with a TV person who knows this with the desired picture direction, it was here that it failed the most this year.

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