Watch out for Kylie Meilak in The Entertainers – Singing Challenge in Malta

Kylie Meilak {copyright: The Entertainers/Net tv}

Kylie Meilak {copyright: The Entertainers/Net tv}

Kylie Meilak is another young and very talented singer who has also made it to The Entertainers – Singing Challenge Net tv show semi-finals stage in Malta. She performed the evergreen standard The Power Of Love made famous by Jennifer Rush and also Celine Dion. You will see in the video below that Kylie has clear and powerful vocals and she gave an outstanding performance of the song.

Kylie is just 13 years old but her voice sounds very mature and she appears comfortable singing a variety of songs and styles. She took part in the 2017 Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest national selection. She has also had success in festivals such as San Remo Junior in Malta.

I am sure we will be hearing a lot more from Kylie in the near future.

Source: ESC Covers

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