Voting has now opened for the Second Chance Retro 1974 and Guest Jury Hits 1974 competitions. For each of these competitions the songs have been decided, the draw has been finalised and the downloads have been made available. All you need to do is vote!

And the good news is that you can gain 5 points towards the 2016 ticket allocation for each competition you vote in (5 points for Second Chance Retro and 5 points for Guest Jury Hits).

What you need to do

1. Click here to access the songs – songs for both competitions are on the one webpage.
2. Listen to each song and rank them from highest (most favourite) to lowest (least favourite). Every song must be voted for. For example, in the Second Chance Retro competition there are 11 eligible songs: your favourite would receive 11 points, your second favourite 10 points, then 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2 and finally 1 point to your least favourite.
3. Send your votes to here. Please be careful not to send them to the email address quoted on the song webpage.
4. Include your name in the email so we can allocate the points to you.

Important information

1. Both competitions close on 31 August 2015.
2. OGAE RoW members cannot vote for our own entry in the Guest Jury Hits competition – this year we are represented by the 1974 song ‘Kung Fu Fighting’ by Carl Douglas (Jamaica).
3. In the Second Chance Retro song you cannot vote for the Yugoslav song – this is a showcase song only.
4. Points will be added to the table after the competitions close on 31 August 2015.

Enjoy stepping back in time to 1974.

Thanks from all the team at OGAE RoW