Morten Thomassen discussed now why ELLA failed to make it to the 2023 Norwegian Eurovision final. ESC Covers google translated it from Norwegian to English.

We’re going to some of the most intense stuff ever shown on a Norwegian MGP stage and it was done with great bravura, if you ask me.

Ella promised us a hot show and that lady delivered the goods and a little more actually, we rarely got to see much skin, but in my opinion this was hot and not vulgar in any way.

It’s a shame that such a stage performance is so underappreciated, maybe we’re simply not quite used to it up here in the cold north?

Ella had a 48% chance of a final place, but it didn’t last and it probably didn’t help that she was competing against another song in the Latin genre.

As far as the performance is concerned, I’m afraid that a few too many people thought it was a bit too intense and a bit too stripped down and something that might not fit in a TV program that is supposed to be suitable for the whole family.

In addition, there was perhaps a little too much dancing and a little too little singing in a song that was actually many seconds short of being 3 minutes long.

Anyway, Ella, we’d love to see her back in this circus, we need more of this fierceness in MGP.

Photo credit – Morten Thomassen

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